Many people have valuable antiques in their homes, and may not even know it. For this reason, getting a professional appraisal is smart. Spending some time and money to find out may be worth it for many reasons, including selling, insurance coverage, estate valuation, and charitable tax deduction purposes. 

First, do some of your own research to identify the item(s) you wish to sell. Then, stop by and we’ll provide a written report, including a description of your items and how we determined the item’s current value. From jewelry and art appraisals to full estate appraisals, we’re the store to trust in the Buffalo, NY area. Contact us today with any questions you have about the appraisal process.
estate appraisals Buffalo, NY


Estate appraisals are more involved. The Internet only offers limited information, and an item’s specific value cannot be accurately determined. If you’ve inherited an estate, hiring a professional appraiser is a must. This way, you’ll know the exact value of what you now own. An estate appraisal is also helpful when you are dividing up your assets in your will. 

At Roycroft Antiques, we’ve handled countless estate appraisals, and we will share our honest professional appraisal with you. If you have any questions along the way, we’ll be more than happy to go over how we made our determinations. 
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